In my family business we have been producing trailers since 1982. We supply a big variety of trailers, fitting their size and total weight to the needs of our customers, up to 3,5 tons. We make about 140 high quality trailers a year, not only to Hungary but also to foreign clients. Among our customers there are private persons, as well as big companies. All our trailers are manufactured with heavy-duty welded, zinc-coated steal truss and equipped with KNOTT mechanical overrun braking system.

We produce the trailers continuously on order, with delivery times in ca.  12 weeks. You can buy our products ready for exporting, with one year guarantee. We have European type approval certificate according to the directive 2007/46/EC. We deliver our trailers with COC.

In the photo gallery, You can find a selection of pictures about the trailers we have made.

We can give you a customized offer according to your needs, for which we need some basic information, e.g.:

  • what should be the dimensions of the trailer?
  • how much load you would like to put on the trailer?
  • what kind of accessories do you need?

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us

Németh Lőrinc e.v. - 8000 Székesfehérvár, Fiskális út 112.
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